• succession planning

Succession Planning For Your Business

Succession Planning For Your Business The Financial Post November 2018 published this informative article https://business.financialpost.com/entrepreneur/small-business/baby-boomer-retirements-will-cause-a-huge-wave-of-business-transfers-cfib With Canada’s aging population, there are a large number of business owners who will [...]

  • Bookkeeping services Barrie

Why do you need a bookkeeper?

Many small business owners believe they are saving money by doing their own bookkeeping. “Why do I need a bookkeeper?” the question you should be asking is “How can I save money?”.

  • CRA telephone scam

CRA Scams Reported

There have been numerous CRA scams reported in the news the past several years about outstanding tax bills. Our Barrie office receives telephone calls and forwarded emails from clients on a weekly basis asking us whether they are legitimate.

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