Why Do You Need A Bookkeeper?

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Many small business owners believe they are saving money by doing their own bookkeeping. “Why do I need a bookkeeper?” the question you should be asking is “How can I save money?”.

A qualified bookkeeper will be able to complete the work much more quickly than most business owners; therefore, what may take an entire day of a business owner’s time, may only take a bookkeeper a fraction of that.  This will free up time for the business owner to focus on their core competencies.

Bookkeepers know how to use accounting software and can recommend which one is best for your business. You will be able to receive training on how to simplify the software’s functions and to tailor it to your specific business needs. Bookkeepers may also be able to get a better price for you for the software you wish to purchase.

Stay in the know with a bookkeeper

Bookkeepers know what your business needs to do to be in compliance with government agencies. For example, how to register for and calculate (if necessary): payroll, WSIB, HST, EHT, etc. A good bookkeeper will make sure your remittances are filed on time, so you don’t end up with costly late filing penalties and interest. They are also a good resource for information to help ensure you are in compliance with government rules.  For example, the HST rules are fairly complex.

The bookkeeper gets to know your business and some can advise you of ways to improve your business.

At Catherine Barrie CPA, MBA, if our clients are audited by CRA, we support the client through their audit and the auditor can come to our office to complete the audit rather than taking up your time at home or business.

The cost to hire a good bookkeeper is generally less than doing the work yourself; as you only pay for the time they spend working on your business file.  Often the cost is less than a late filing penalty. When you choose Catherine Barrie CPA, MBA to complete your bookkeeping, you can be assured it will be done correctly and that keeps the cost we need to charge to complete your business’ year end minimal.

Focus on what you are good at

Business owners should focus on what they are good at. The time you spend trying to figure out your bookkeeping could be much better spent doing what you specialize in. By outsourcing your bookkeeping you will be able to keep your costs low and get the professional resources to help make your business thrive.

Specialized knowledge, specialized resources, specialized training. It’s time for you to put our resources to work for you.

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