If the CRA requires you to pay in installments you will receive a letter in the mail detailing the amounts that you should pay and the dates on which you pay them. There are several ways you can pay.

  1. Pay at the bank. When you receive your letter in the mail detailing your installment payments, the CRA may send you remittance vouchers with your letter. If you receive vouchers, simply follow the instructions on which information you need to fill out and once completed take them to your bank where they will be able to process your payment. Without the voucher however the bank will be unable to process your payment through their branch.
  2. Pay Online. If you do not receive vouchers with your letter from the CRA you can set up payments through electronic banking by adding CRA Installments as a payee and then use your S.I.N. number as your account number for the CRA.

Pay by mail. Simple write a cheque payable to The Receiver General and mail it to the CRA. If you choose this option be sure to write a letter to accompany the cheque detailing your account info (your S.I.N.) and the year or years in which to apply the payment.