When Will I Get The GST / HST Credit?


The credit is paid quarterly (4 times a year) and will be paid after you have filed your taxes. The government will send out payments on: July 5th October 5th January 5th April 5th If your credit is less than $50 per quarter, the CRA will pay you a lump some of the full amount [...]

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When Am I Old Enough To Get A GST / HST Credit?


The age you can receive the credit is generally 19; however, if you are going to turn 19 before April of the year following you last tax return then you may be entitled to it. The CRA will automatically decide if you can get the credit as long as you filed your taxes.

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Can my child get GST / HST Payments?


Your child will not receive payments but you may be entitled to a larger credit. In order for you to receive payments for your son or daughter there are several conditions that must be If your child meets ALL of these conditions you may be entitles to a GST/HST payment. Is dependent on you for [...]

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Can I Get Old GST / HST Payments?


If you haven’t filed your taxes in a few years you may have missed out on some GST/HST payments that you were entitled to. Luckily you may be able to get those payments back. You have up to 3 years to ask for old payments you may have missed.

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How Much Will I Get For GST / HST?


As long as you file your taxes the CRA will determine the amount that you can get for the GST/HST credit. There are several factors that go into how they determine this amount; however, if you are curious about how much you will receive, we suggest using the CRA’s online calculator.

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How Do I Get The GST / HST Credit?


To get the GST/HST Credit you have to file a tax return for the most recent year, even if you haven’t had a job or gotten any income for the year. For new residents to Canada you must fill out the RC151 Form. At Catherine Barrie Accounting we understand how confusing the tax process can [...]

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Can I Get The GST / HST Credit?


In order to get the GST/HST credit you must be considered a resident of Canada for income tax purposes in the month before and the month that the payments are made. You must also meet at least one of the following criteria: Be at least 19 years old Have or had a spouse or common-law [...]

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What Is the GST / HST Credit?


The GST/HST credit, otherwise known as the Goods and Services/Harmonized Sales Tax credit, is a credit that is intended to help people with low and modest income. This credit is meant to help lessen all or part of the GST/HST that people pay and will not be included in your income at tax season.

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